Friday, 17 June 2016

Initial reaction to the killing of MP Jo Cox

Our Man knows that the minutes after horror has been committed are absolutely the wrong time to jump to conclusions.

But in these few minutes, he will say this: stir the pot of nationalism, jingoism and race-baiting and what did you expect you would get? 

I'm looking at you, all you tabloid purveyors of hate, Britain First brown shirters but also the mealy mouthed British political party leaders who couldn't lead their way out of a paper bag.

In a representative democracy, we elect folk to make the tough decisions on our behalf, not to wring their hands and throw the thorniest questions back at folk incapable of making an informed decision. 

That is a side of democracy we've forgotten in our quest to make everything a tick-box, a Britain's Got Talent beauty pageant.

But the reality is not beautiful. Stir the pot and the shit slops everywhere. 

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