Friday, 27 May 2016

Trumped out

Our Man doesn't imagine for a moment that you, gentle reader, give a flying fuck what he thinks about the US presidential elections, and nor should you.

But he just wants to put this out there:

Donald Trump will win.

Here's Our Man's reasoning:

a) At every step of the way, the consensus has been that Trump couldn't possibly make it to the next level, but he keeps doing it.
b) Leicester City won the Premiership. This was an impossibility, but it happened.
c) Nero. Our Man may have got his causations and coincidences confused, but this is it. Rome is burning and here is Nero fiddling.

That's it. Move to Canada all you want, but the world is fucked.

Can I flog you a stress-relieving adult colouring book? 

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