Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Shifting from neutral four years after 3/11

It's 3/11 again. Apart from re-tweeting a few news stories and mentioning that it's been four years since the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown, I don't really have anything to say. But disasters are not something you can be neutral about. Neutrality is tacit acceptance of the status quo, not something Our Man is into.

Not that disasters care what Our Man thinks, to be frank.

And let's be frank. Our Man was here, in Abiko, not more than a couple of hundred metres from this cabbage patch above, back on this day in 2011. His story is pretty unexceptional. Thankfully.

But he is lucky enough to be heading back up the Joban Expressway at the end of the month with Our Woman in the co-pilot seat and we'll be stopping off in Ishinomaki and a couple of other places that the tsunami came close to wiping off the map. We're going to meet some survivors Our Woman has kept in touch with over the last four years.

I'm pretty sure their opinions will be worth listening to.

Our Man is taking his reporter's notebook and sketchpad, so you'll hear and see what he does.