Thursday, 10 September 2015

I am not a foreigner

Our Man is not dead, but he is on life support.

The action has moved on to fresher fields, and yet he is still here. If he were a more religious man he would say -- unto thee --"Keep the faith!"

But he's not.

He's quite the rationalist. You can find him on twitter @ourmaninabiko, where he still guffaws at the usual bollocks that passes for political thought and journalistic integrity, but he's shifted his attention to writing stuff he hopes will outlive blogging, tweeting and instawhatevering. Sure, he's not there yet, but if you want to join him on that journey (or at least throw popcorn and half-empty beer cans from the bleachers at him) sign up for the newsletter right bloody here and you'll get a free humorous short story called "I am not a foreigner" in your inbox that is everything Our Man wanted to say but never had the virtual balls to write before.

Our Man will be blogging again, but if (window-licker of an oddball that you are) you miss him, click on that link and you won't be (very) disappointed until we meet again.

Carry on.

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