Saturday, 30 May 2015

Sherlock in Japanese manga? The game is on

Our Woman has long finished the Sherlock episodes on Our Man has gone through all the Wallander episodes. It got so bad last night that we actually sat down together and watched an episode of Downton Abbey. And then Our Man found this in the shopping mall bookshop (they still have them in Japan): A whole series of manga licensed from the BBC based closely on the Sherlock screenplays. The first one Our Man bought is great, and he'll have to go shopping again to buy the rest. And work on his Japanese illiteracy.

It's fun to have a project, eh readers? Our Man's last one, his sketch travelogue Children of the Tsunami, is here. But you didn't come for that. Just look at this:

Mycroft awaits John Watson
John Watson saves the day.
"It's Sherlock Holmes and John Watson."
LATER, if you're searching for the manga abroad, the ISBN is 978-4-04-120710-9. Happy hunting.

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