Saturday, 4 April 2015

Fresh tuna

Willpower (and remembering to set your alarm) can do amazing things. Thus armed, Our Man managed to roam the bits of Kesennuma scarred by the tsunami at 5:30am last Saturday. This is the result: an ink and watercolour sketch of a tsunami-gutted building that was  being used as a warehouse for tuna. How long the boxes of fresh tuna had been in the building, Our Man couldn't say, but he found the place worthy of sketching. It's all very symbolic: The plucky fishing town that was adapting to life after the tsunami by carrying on regardless; or the doomed town living in the past, on course for extinction, just like the fish. Take your pick.


Whispering Walls said...

How sad! Do you think it will ever be cleared up?

Our Man in Abiko said...

A good question. Yes, in time. But the clean up is just on the surface. It's a beautiful part of the world, deserves better.