Sunday, 2 November 2014

Yellow flight

Sure, a boxy block of flats in downtown Abiko probably isn’t most folks’ idea of sexy.

But Our Man has always been intrigued by the brazen yellowness of the ceilings of the flights of stairs that hint at a secret life behind the barred faux paper-screen windows he can hardly dare to imagine. Something like that anyway.

He would have added more detail but Our Woman summoned him to buy some plastic bags, which was probably just as well as a whopping great delivery truck had just pulled up in front of Our Man, blocking his view completely just as he was going to start detailing the car. Lessons learned from this sketch:
  1. When on location, sketch the likely to move, or be obstructed items first (cars and passers-by).
  2. Vanishing points, even if you can’t see them, really should exist.
  3. Don’t carry a mobile phone. Ever.


MTC said...

Sweet and smart. As always.

Our Man in Abiko said...

Too kind. The next great leap forward is to stick people in Our Man's watercolours, then we'll see if he can retain his smartness.