Friday, 12 September 2014

Tom Boys and the Lapdog of Doom

So here’s Our Man, back facing his demons. This one being an exercise in drawing a woman’s face. Well, it is what it is, caught halfway between naturalistic and cartoonish, boyish or girlish, with eyes wide-shut. The lips work and all the bits are in the right places, but she’s supposed to be looking down and yet we can see up her nostrils. It’s a muddle.

But that’s life.

Just realised this is the anniversary of 9/11 (actually just passed here in Japan) and Our Man has nothing to say other than looks like another war to celebrate the occasion. Laptop of Doom? Are you serious Foreign Policy? Call Our Man old fashioned, but he preferred it when propaganda was a bit more subtle. Like under Stalin. Sheesh. Still, you never know what a malcontent might do with a laptop and a recipe for a bomb. 

He might write a novel, forchisssssakes.

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