Saturday, 13 September 2014

Magic ink

Our Man had a great idea after surviving his 10th Japanese school sports festival today. He thought he’d pop down on his bike to the Orwellian named Unidy to pick up some water colours to add some warmth to his rather dour-looking monochrome sketches. 

The DIY emporium was all out of water colours, so Our Man bought some black and red ink and a set of brushes and thought he’d mix them up with some water  and add a wash to some sketches tonight. But when he got home he found that the Magic Ink he’d shelled out 200 yen for turned out to be disappointingly unmagical marker pens. Still, they do look pretty bold and smooth, might be able to add them to his repertoire, being er, bold and smooth himself, ahem. 


Later, just realised, forgot to put George Orwell's name on the book, tsk tsk. But you knew the quote already, right?

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