Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The shrine at Mt Tskuba

Your bog-standard torii gate.
Our Man sketched these sights of the Shinto shrine halfway up Mt Tskuba, about 50 km from Abiko, but a world away from the cares of the bunker. The overnight trip was a welcome respite from the shock news received on Friday that a good friend of Our Man’s has been diagnosed with stage four cancer. There is no stage five.

An 800 year-old tree.
This took me an hour to finish. So many lines to put in, but each
 represented an individual piece of timber.  Must have taken the carpenters
quite a bit longer to put the real thing together.
Now wash your hands.


Jan Moren said...

This is the part that really sucks about becoming middle aged. It's no longer just elderly relatives; your parents, your siblings, your friends and your family members start contracting the big killers.

Tim Bray summarized it well: almost everybody makes it through the first fifty years. Almost nobody makes it through the second.

Our Man in Abiko said...

Yes. The tragedy is my pal is unlikely to make the first cut.