Thursday, 13 February 2014

The 30/70 rule

Yes, I’m still here. More or less. I actually have an hour or so unaccounted for and it’s not far from the truth to say it’s the first time this year to have the luxury of staring at a computer screen and not having to fill it with highly meaningful, important things like facts and numbers and things that people are waiting for and will be angry if they are not what they were expecting.

The offline cover life has exploded in importance recently. I find it hard to comprehend myself, so I can hardly explain it to you, but something has happened this year. Some cosmic disc that had slipped has finally righted itself and I find myself propelled forward with a momentum I can’t fathom, but can feel is pushing me on. I’m editing my novel. I’m writing and illustrating children’s English textbooks. I’m taking my first business trip that I actually want to go on. I’m reading more. I’m eating less. I’m working harder than I ever have in my life, but I’m self-employed and everything I do is coming right back to me and mine.

And I’m loving it.

Insufferable, isn’t it to hear? So very un-Our-Man-ish.

See, I think I had the proportions reversed. Before, I spouted off 70 percent of the time and did what needed to be done the remaining time. Somehow, I find I’ve inverted the formula. Sucks for this website, but is working out pretty darn good for me. Especially since the mother-in-law explained the 30-70 rule. It’s 30 percent tea and 70 percent shochu, not the other way round.

Very tasty with Earl Grey, by the way.


Winchester whisperer said...


Our Man in Abiko said...

Thank you. Been a while. How’s Blighty?

Billy said...

Working for yourself is the best way to go. A man who makes his own way in the world without being dependent upon some company to keep signing his paychecks (too often regardless of his level of production at the office), even if he's barely cutting it, live a far more interesting and rewarding life than most.


Our Man in Abiko said...

Agreed. Our Man will never work for the Man again.