Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Good days

Like the bio says, on good days I write books, on bad ones I blog and tweet. So, if you triangulate the metadata of not much blogging and only a little tweeting these last couple of months, you could save the NSA and long-suffering taxpayers a few quadzillion dimes and figure that I must have been writing books. 

Well, I have (amongst other things) and there is an imminent release due imminently, as soon as I get the OK from Createspace and Amazon. Yes, it will be a print and ebook. I can say no more about it other than it features stuff about the three As -- Albion, Arkansas, Abiko. But if you really want to know, you can sign up for my official new release news release email newsletter. Here. If I get more than two sign-ups I may even write something for it.

In the meantime, you ought to read Shisaku’s piece on the fall of a Japanese iconoclast here, and the amazing rise of a British one here, who despite being naive, vain and vacuous manages to write thought-provoking, right-on stuff somehow (reminds me of a younger Ourmani, sigh).

Carry on.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

New wisdom

Something was wrong with my body. Very wrong.
“It’s like that scene in Alien isn’t, Doc? Something weird is growing and it will take over my body and kill everyone in the room and the only way to save me is to lock me in a vacuum.”
“What? It’s just a wisdom tooth pushing through your gum.”
“Not an alien?”
“Not an alien.”
“But I’m too old for a new wisdom tooth.”
“But there it is. It means you have healthy teeth. You should be happy. But you should schedule another appointment.”
“Because you should remove it.”

If I were a better writer, or at least had more time to polish this half-anecdote, I could make it into an allegory for all that’s messed up with modern life or something, and you could marvel at my wit and wonder if the episode really did happen in real life because it fits so well. Well, it really did, but what it has to do with anything allegorically is beyond me. You do the math, Our Man’s algorithms are all maxed out.

But the reason for this post, if any, is that I got thinking the other day that things have changed.

We’re talking “historical cleavage” level of change. I don’t actually know what that phrase means either, but if you allow me to grope around in the dark for a bit, I’m sure I could turn it into a meaningful experience for me at least. What? Let me tease out a couple of points…

As the analogue era continues its slow death, is democracy doomed too? The world is complicit in selling off its soul for an ad-sponsored YouTube song, unconcerned at the NSA and GCHQ climbing into bed with Silicon Valley and into our sweaty palms. Well, if you’ve got nothing to hide, what are you worried about?

I have nothing to hide, now. But what about tomorrow when the rules have changed? And who will be making those changes? The US is too busy playing Russian Roulette with itself to worry about who is left to clean the bits of brain off the floor.

Sigh, guess I’m just getting old. It’s probably just more of the same. Go ahead Doc, yank that tooth out, wisdom is sooo yesterday.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Hunt for the Mid-October post

It’s getting on for mid-October and this is the first post of the month. You might be forgiven for thinking Our Man had been shut down (you know how the Republican body politic naturally shuts everything down when Democrats conceive?) but actually, he’s still soldiering on.

In fact, Our Man has been on his very own Asia pivot, though when he pivots it’s more likely to involve a bottle-opener than a nuclear submarine.

What, you may legitimately ask, is he on about?

He’s only gone and got himself another blog. But don’t worry, long-suffering fellow travellers, it’s not much of anything at the moment. In time it will be a place to run long-form articles and links to his books and essays and stuff far too high brow and, er, long for here (long brow?–ed.). Sensible folk (and foreign country people residents of Japan) may want to trundle off and wait patiently for their number to be called.

Everybody else can stay here, where they can expect more of the same old same old from Our Man.

But you shouldn’t have to wait long for something to read over at the other place. Our Man should be done with his first e-essay in ages that will go on sale in a week or two, with all proceeds to benefit charity, and then he’s going to release a chapter a day of his debut novel for free while he gets on with editing the first draft of his second novel.

You got all that? Don’t worry if not, it’s bound to all be over by Christmas.