Monday, 2 December 2013

Back to the future…

Bullets have been out of fashion for a while now, but Our Man reckons it’s about time to bring ’em back. Fourth Amendment and all that. Or Fifth. Or First? Damned if he can remember.

Let’s see now. Where was he? Oh yeah. Bullets.

  • The Japanese government is about to pass a law to gag the press. The press is already gagged here and at the best of times can’t do much more than doorstep some fatuous celeb whose time is up. But then, is the West any better? Discuss. Or…
  • I mean, wtf is going on with Wendi ex-Murdoch and Tony Blair? Actually, Our Man doesn’t care. No, he really doesn’t.
  • The Chinese are getting all cocky, Uncle Sam is eager to prove he can still cut the mustard and Old Man Japan does the same old shit over and over again expecting different results. 
Well, Our Man has had enough.

He tried being reasonable this last year or so, tried being open, but it’s time to re-engage the cloaking device. Time to return to the shadows. That may not be possible in the NSA-Universal Studios of America world to return to anonymity, but Our Man can at least revert to third person and an avatar that he can hide behind with pride.

The past is the new future! Backward to Progress!

You can’t fool all the people all the time, but you can yourself pretty much forever. Or something.

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