Wednesday, 13 November 2013

No more nukes

Our Man must admit, he’s been sitting on the fence about the whole nuclear power thing. On the one hand: global warming fossil fuels and imminent destruction of our planet. On the other, TEPCO. And as distasteful as TEPCO is, and the horrors of Fukushima not withstanding, Our Man was able to be vaguely pro-nuclear power but anti-TEPCO. At least he was convincing himself.

Our Man’s position was not really very tenable. You’re either for nuclear power as the only workable, if occasionally apocalyptic non-carbon power source, or you’re with the woolly-minded, right-on folk who think all you have to do is throw money at the science and we’ll be able to create energy, perhaps from all their hot air, to power our iPhones and cappucino makers with no consequences for eternity.

Well, Our Man doesn’t like those choices.

Renewable energy doesn’t add up. Yet. But nukes are not the way forward. I’m not sure what is. It may well be a hotch-potch of half-ass renewable efforts and a great deal of sacrifice to get us off our addiction to fossil fuels.

And while former PM Koizumi has no doubt sniffed the electoral air, as they say, his opposition to nukes is massively important. He’s saying it’s time to strike out in a new direction and damn well find a way to power the nation, far away from the corruption of the nuclear mafia. And he’s saying it’s politically possible. He’s saying something else too:

Nukes will not save us, leadership will. 

And I agree. No more nukes.


Ἀντισθένης said...

Thorium reactors, just to muddy the waters further. The lowest hanging fruit is conservation and efficiencies, of course, but we'll still need power from non-renewable sources, as you know. Thorium is not as mature as uranium/plutonium, despite being far safer (yes, a relative thing) for the simple reason that countries do not pay well for nuclear research they cannot weaponize.

Patrick Sherriff said...

Thorium, snoorium. But you could equally say leadership, spleadership.

If there is a point to what I’m trying to say it might be along the lines that leaders lead into the unknown. Not the safe (but dangerous) known.

Or something.