Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Our Man in Abiko Blog Disclaimer

It’s a bit long, but it will do for now:

This is a Google blog. As such, it is being secretly copied and stored in some godforsaken desert bunker in the USA for future use that nobody, not even in the NSA, knows exactly what for. How can they? It’s in the future. But don’t worry, you’ve got nothing to hide. Google is completely trustworthy. You can also trust the state to have your best interests at heart, to keep your data safe and never, ever abuse its position. Still, you might wish to consider not reading this blog on a mobile phone in one of the ever expanding list of countries where drones target folks’ iPhone GPS locations, if you value your life; not leaving a comment here unless you seriously want to forget about that run for the presidency or that well-paid job in national security. It’s not paranoia, it’s just common sense. Offline is the new underground. Everything else is public. Have a nice day.

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