Monday, 22 July 2013


Another day, another national election in Japan. This time round, I paid even less attention than I did the last time, so I’m even less qualified than usual to impart my unethusiasm. The first take I read about it all was here, which is fine as far as it goes, though I’d quibble with the writer’s relief at Japan finally having thrown off the shackles of compromise and being free to stamp through one party’s glorious solution to Japan’s myriad ills.

But to be honest, I’m not too dissatisfied with the mess that Japan has been in for the last 20 or so years when I look at the economic straightjacket that the UK has strapped itself in to while the post-Snowden establishment America looks ever more of an ideological wasteland in need of, if not a revolution, then at least a jolly good talking to.

So, I look at the continued good fortune of the pro-nuke, pro-free trade, pro-print money and jobs for the boys party of Japanese PM Abe, and I think, ho bloody hum. It will all end in tears, of course, but we’ll be able to fool ourselves that everything is going to some kind of plan for another year or so.

LATER… This just in… Abe’s lot are way short of a 2/3 majority to rip up the pacifistic post-war constitution so talk of a hawkish, rightist movement of Japan somewhere between Genghis Khan and Hitler is a tad overblown.

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