Saturday, 6 July 2013


Looks like I’ve been blown off by Ambassador Roos. He hasn’t seen fit to respond to my letter I tweeted to him the other day, but he hasn’t blocked me and is still following me on Twitter, so that’s something.

Anyway, I have a few points that I thought I’d share with my current dozen readers and secret service followers of the future.
  • Obliged to PERSON X for the recommendation to read David Brin’s Transparent Society. I’ve read the Kindle sample and shall buy the book. His argument appears to be that technology will eat up our privacy, but there is the possibility that it will work out not so bad if we the people routinely snoop on each other and not let the state have all the fun. He sites the wonderful drops in crime that cctv cameras on the streets of Britain allegedly caused. Well, I could argue that one, but in theory he has a point. I shall read more before commenting further.
  • And lo, Rupert Murdoch is caught on tape spouting all sorts of shit that prove he was lying to the thingy commission on press ethics or whatever. This appears to prove Brin’s point that with technology (a concealed iphone) everyone is a potential whistleblower.
  • And then Egypt imploded again and it once more made me wonder how worked up about theoretical rights and stuff I had a right to get on twitter when folks are spilling blood over such questions.
  • I shall be sifting through the info here to figure out how to set up encrypted email, because despite Brin’s optimism, I still think having the ability to communicate with some expectation of privacy is vital in developing sources and breaking stories. Not that I do such things these days, but I’d like the ability, you know?
  • And in cover life news, I’m in the throes of moving the business out of the bunker and onto the mean Main Street of Abiko. What this means in the short-term is less internetting, but in the long-term more time spent writing. Expect a new Kindle essay in a month and a new novel in about three.
  • And this video is about the best thing I’ve seen about the whole NSA-Snowden thing. It’s pretty funny too:

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