Saturday, 11 May 2013


As for trusting what members of the Abe Government say, there is that problem too. When a snake tells you "I'm not hungry" (Or, more specifically, "My basic thought is that I'm not hungry") -- is what matters is the fact that the snake said, "I'm not hungry" or that he is a snake?
Couldn't put it better myself than MTC over at Shisaku on the problems the Japanese revisionists have in saying anything even remotely believable, straightforward and, er, honest about the Korean sex-slave thing.

History still has quite a potent bite.


Armchair Asia said...

Thanks for explaining that. I couldn't figure out the F%$# what that Shisaku guy was saying.

Can't he just say that the Abe folks cannot be trusted and explain why? I don't have time for hungry snakes.

Patrick Sherriff said...

A large white snake slid in to the undergrowth next to our front gate last year. Abikans consider white snakes to be good luck, so everyone was pleased here. Takes all sorts.