Tuesday, 28 May 2013


What is he on? First he gets elected to mayor of Japan's second city, then he reckons he's an expert on history, women's rights, colonialism, rape and goes on for three hours about how misunderstood he and Japan is on war and such.

Nope, sorry, the world is beginning to understand all too well about Toru Hashimoto and Japan's thing about sex slaves.

For Our Man's money, Michael Penn had the best take on the day Hashimoto proved to the world that he doesn't get it, but Our Man doesn't have much of a budget (certainly nothing left to hire a proper court artist) so he would like to offer his free summary of all you need to know of Hashimoto's long-winded statement: "Two wrongs do make a right and sorry about that thing I said about letting Yanks into soaplands so they don't rape Okinawan kids. OK? Can I be Prime Minister now?"

No. No, you cannot.


Kotobuki said...

Sorry buy the "world," outside East and maybe SE Asian, doesn't know or care who he is.

That being said, he is a problem for Japan in the region and, like Ishihara, it would be best if he'd just fuck off.

Patrick Sherriff said...

Well, quite.