Saturday, 20 April 2013


I'm all Boston'd and North Korea'd out. The problem with instant, real-time news is, well, it's instant and real time. I realise there is value in a slower cook, where deadlines are not so tight and the info can be digested and gristle removed rather than swallowed whole. Daily rather than hourly, or better still, weekly rather than daily mean perspective has a chance to step in and slap some sense into the knee-jerkers.

Our Man stands accused (actually he was sitting on a park bench with Kirin beer in hand at the time) of allowing an anti-American streak into his online offerings. For the record, Our Man is not anti-American. Our Man's Anti-hypocrisy and anti-authority (and you used to be funny too, dammit -- ed.)  but for the record,  for all the atrophy of the government to do anything about its myriad problems, Our Man still agrees with PJ O'Rourke's assessment that for all its faults, the USA is still the only country in the world with a legal requirement to pursue happiness, and that's pretty cool.

Just saying.

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