Friday, 5 April 2013


After glancing through the one-sided "Drumbeat to War" table by AP that the Japan Times put on their front page the other day which made it appear North Korea was just craaaazy, it was with great relief to read a -- how-you-say, er "nuanced"-- piece that sought to understand the escalation to a war footing, rather than cheer-lead in the march to war.

And it kinda turns out the North Koreans haven't actually done much of anything more menacing than their usual incredible threats which "remain just that -- incredible."

But don't take Our Man's twisted words for it, read this piece by a real professor and everything.

Let's all take a chill-pill, and get this scent of blood out of our nostrils.

PS, was going to run a picture of bongos (war drums, geddit?) but, well, thought I'd do an old rag out like the olden days in newspapers when they wanted to appear learned and all told-you-so-ish.

Carry on.

Secret handshake to XinJeisan for the link.

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