Thursday, 18 April 2013


Planet Pyongyang
is an interesting read from Newsweek (they are still around online, who knew?). I've no idea how connected to US administration insiders or representative of US thinking it is, but if it's not a case of Newsweek playing digital devil's advocate for the hell of it, it sounds like the US is running out of patience with Pyongyang and is happy to call its bluff. But we already knew that, eh readers? Smart money still on no war though, right? Right?

Secret handshake to The Marmot's Hole for the link.


@Crank_Dub said...

Hard to tell. The Military-Industrial complex is running out of wars elsewhere — Iraq, Afghanistan — so it has either Iran or North Korea in its sights at the moment.

But it can't not have a war...

angrygaijin said...

Lol~ Never heard the term "Northern Exposure" used in reference to North Korea.

*praying for no war*