Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I sincerely hope that things cool down with North Korea, and sharpish too. I don't know how many more days I can take of sabres rattling in my Japan Times and relations being at "boiling point" tensions "heating up" and cold wars turning "hot." If the JT scribes had been writing the first draft of English history, they would have had Alfred the Great burning the cakes well before Ethelred was Unready (or something - ed.)

Clearly, the Norks don't like Yanks flying B-52s and now B-2s around. Perhaps if some adults could take charge before the kids do some serious damage? Perhaps put the toys away before someone loses an eye on an arrow or gets his feet wet trying to turn back the tides of history? (or something - ed.)

Just Abiko is a lot closer to the Nork hot cakes than Austin, Texas.

Anyway, some links that mean the confectionaries are cooling, we hope (but you never know with those hotheads who spend all their money on the military...er, their hotheads, not our hotheads, obviously).

Reaching Out to North Korea

It's not a hermit kingdom (just a very naughty boy)

White House plays down threat of imminent North Korea attack ...

Stealth Bomber Dry Runs Over S.Korea 'Cost $5.6 million'


@Crank_Dub said...

Here's my take on the North Korean situation and why it may be more dangerous than we think:

Kim Jong Il, while he rattled many a sabre in his day, knew that his swords were rusted to their scabbards. So, although he gave good propaganda, he never pushed his luck too far.

Then along comes Baby Kim who has spent his whole life listening to Daddy Kim's bullshit and is now utterly marinated in it.

But he's not 100& convinced, so he goes and asks his shiny new generals: "We can kick America's arse, can't we? We're the biggest, bestest country in the whole wide world!" The generals, who don't want to lose their jobs, don't tell Baby Kim that he has no clothes and show him all their lovely toys.

Baby Kim, who knows that people find it difficult to look at him without imagining him wearing a giant nappy (diaper if you're Dan Ryan), wants to be better than Daddy Kim and show these nasty Americans who's boss and he's going to scweam and scweam and scweam till he's sick until they pay attention.

Anyway, tractor production is up for the 25th month this year and Kim, who hasn't had a decent nights sleep since the baby was born, has his decidedly pudgy finger on the trigger. He's now also allowed to eat as much ice cream as he likes and may have terminal constipation.

Put it this way, I'm glad I'm not within range of his delayed adolescence. Buy a tin hat - a foil one won't do it this time.

Jobi-Wan Kenobi said...

From the Chosun Ilbo piece:

"... according to a 2010 report, each B-2 needs about 50 hours of maintenance and repair for every hour-long flight."

Even 40 year old Sea King helicopters only need 30 hours maintenance for every hour of flight time and I know which one I'd rather see if I was stuck on a cliff in north Cornwall.

Our Man in Abiko said...

I don't think lil Kim is so deluded, your Crankness. I do think something has changed in US calculations. The Norks have always been happy to shoot their mouths off. What's changed this time is the US seems happy to rub the Nork's noses in the nuclear muck. That is, the US is playing brinksmanship.

I'm sure lil Kim would rather see a couple of Sea Kings too than a B-2 (if they can in fact be seen), Jobi.