Monday, 22 April 2013


All good things come to those who wait.

I had worried that I'd have to write up a detailed critique of the Boston thing, but Twitter, for all its faults, provided the links so I didn't have to do much thinking. I'm sure you all are as clued up or hunkered down on The Meaning Of Boston and all that, and don't need Our Man to add to the petabytes of waffle coming out of every internet orifice, but here are two of Our Man's favourites that kind of sum up his thoughts on the matter.

Contradictions in the political response to Boston and gun control

Martial law: Cops shut down everything except the donut shop. No really 

Right. Enough of Our Man sticking his nose into matters that he has no expertise in (Really? That would be a first - ed.), he'll leave that to plenty of other folk out there with a more desperate need to prove themselves. See, I had expected to be nearly finished writing the first draft of the second Hana Walker thriller by now, but I'm only 20,000 words in with another 60,000 to go. So, the North Korea sabres will have to rattle without me for a bit. Priorities, you know?

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