Thursday, 4 April 2013


Our Man is not a betting man. But if he was, he'd say there's a high chance of war in these parts.

I've got no special intel, just the news coming out of Pyongyang isn't very encouraging, not that there's any surprise there, but it sounds like something has changed on the US side. Perhaps their Nobel Peace Prize winningest coach wants to go out with a 3-pointer? Are the Yanks ratcheting up for war? Why is it everyone thinks the Norks will be the first to strike? Is it me or have the natives been restless ever since the Yanks decided to pivot toward Asia? Why do I keep reading about it all being the fault of the untested new leader in the North, the untested new leader in the South but nothing to do with the untested new Secretary of State in DC? But anyway, what would I know?

Nothing, as usual. So here's a sorry picture of soggy looking cherry blossoms behind a fence around a schoolyard. Happy spring. Yay.

Anyway, here are the weakest links... goodbye. And yes, I'll be as happy as you to get off this war footing, but until sanity prevails, what's a silhouette to do?

North Korea blocks South workers from Kaesong zone

China expresses 'serious concern' over North Korea

BBC News - North Korea nuclear: US vows to 'defend self and South'


Ἀντισθένης said...

Looks like you may be right. What's wrong with every US politician that they have to take their unit out of their pants and swing it around all the time? Put that thing away!

Only hope is they realize NK is in both Russia's AND China's backyard, rather than Afghanistan which was in the backyard of only the basket-case of the two (and the Russians were well sick of that country), but Americans are known to be poor at geography...

TheStrawMan said...

I love how all the Limeys, Kiwis, Ozzies, etc. (feel free to add your own moronic and reductionist national nickname) act like it's totally cool that the North Korean regime starves and brutalizes its people, but the god-damned US "needs to learn that it can't push China and Russia around" by criticizing the North Korean regime

Our Man in Abiko said...

Fair point Straw Man. But it's not either or. There is a third way of hating Nork (is that better?) treatment of their people and the hypocrisies of US holier-than-thou posturing. Sure, we Brits are just jealous. Palmerstone and his gunboats w doing it all 200 years ago.

Ἀντισθένης said...

So sorry, Strawman, forgot to take my 'blue pill'.