Saturday, 27 April 2013


If I were a newspaper editorial page cartoonist, I'd have the Prime Minister of Japan, Herr Abe, Jackbooting around with a little ¥100 plastic trumpet (made in China), but maybe make him very small, possibly a cockroach in a helmet, and his audience could be maybe a bunch of smaller cockroaches, say on the floor of a restaurant. Towering above him could be someone recognisably Chinese like a noodle chef with a big wok that he's about to crush on Abe's head, with maybe an American customer, say a fat bloke with a cowboy hat just to make that clear, with a basket full of roach traps for sale. The cockroaches could be labelled "Japanese voters" and the slightly racially insulting stereotypical Chinaman would be labeled "China" (because editorial cartoons are too suffisticated without labels) and Abe could be handing over wheelbarrows of freshly minted cash to the American cowboy for the roachtraps which Abe is laying all around the shop.

But fortunately I'm not.

Instead, here are a few links.

Abe showing his true nationalist colours

Will the international community just watch Japan's Nazification?

And then there's this Skewed History of Asia from 10 years ago in the Nation by Tim Shorrock

Oh yeah, and Japan refused to sign a declaration against the use of nuke weapons and all that Yasukuni shrine-visiting nonsense, for which I've lost the links.

Ho hum. It's almost like Abe wants to scrap the Japanese pacifist constitution and go nuclear. Nothing like an arms race to stimulate the economy, eh readers? That's Hooked On Abenomics.


Anonymous said...

This is absurd. All Abe is doing is trying to catch Japan up to some semblance of decent defense given the provocations and threats from N. Korea and China, and to do so in line with Japan's defensive constitution. Japan has had no wars since 1945 (neither China or US can say that), has lowest defense spending per GDP of any major country, and a constitution that imposes it to operate militarily only defensively. If all countries had that in their constitutions we'd all be a lot better off.
Compare Japan to the other countries of NE Asia not to where it was in the 1950s.

Patrick Sherriff said...

It's absurd all right. Would perhaps agree with you except I can't really trust Jspan or at least Abe's Japan if it can't accept it's militaristic past and atone for it or just admit what went wrong and why. China rattles sabres and could be a serious threat it certainly is economically but Morth Korea is just a side show, in my humble opinion, useful for ideologies and arms salesmen, but not a real threat to Japan. Sorry about the typos. Using my phone to respond. Anyway, we'll see how real absurdity gets come June 21st and Abe's army sweep the upper chamber and bonatitutional change becomes a reality. Oh boy.