Saturday, 23 March 2013


What are we to make of this report?:

 North Korea ordered its foreign diplomats to become drug dealers 

Could this be a sensational example of just how depraved/desperate the North Koreans are, ordering their embassy officials (they have embassies? - ed.) to sell 20 kilos of drugs each to innocents abroad? Could this be a bit more anti-Nork propoganda to keep us buttered up for the coming war? Or just shoddy, anonymous-source reporting in the WaPo? But who reads that muck rag, eh readers? Don't worry, since the Iraq debacle, no big paper journalists would fall for unsourced anonymous briefings from foreign intelligence agencies without backing it up. Well, not again, anyway.

OK, how about this. Folk close to power in DC have been debating the merits of taking a pre-emptive strike against the Norks the next time they wheel one of their firecrackers out on the tarmac. Not sure if the Pentagon has the green light to up stakes like that, but they are talking about taking out Nork command and control sites or knocking a few floors off the Juche Tower as serious options. Oh, you want evidence? Sorry, if the WaPo doesn't have to show theirs, don't see why I should show mine.

So, there's that. Let's hope the Norks understand it's all just talk, eh readers, and wouldn't fancy a bit of pre-emptive striking of their own the next time the B-52s fuel up.

Well, talk is cheap. But on the plus side, two stories paint a picture of a world singing in perfect harmony.

China's Xi says willing to promote dialogue between Koreas | Reuters

China's vice president expresses confidence to solve Senkaku issue (Kyodo)

I'll raise my coke to that. Carry on.

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