Thursday, 21 March 2013


Now is not the time to panic. There's no way that any sane person would think we're heading for a war in these parts. Why, the United States, headed by a Nobel Peace Prize winner only wants peace, right? That's why they sent a nuclear-capable B-52 flying over South Korea the other day, just to pass on a friendly peace-loving message to North Korea. It's not the peace-loving US's fault if the Pyongyang posse interpreted that as an escalation. So when the Norks remind the US that all their bases are within range of Nork nukes, that's just unprovoked hostility? Right? You with me, soldier?

And the Norks are hacking South Korea. Even though the South Koreans say the attacks came from China, we know better. It must have been the Norks. American war planners never, ever bait and switch, right? 

And so when the world's only peace-loving, Asia-pivoting, laser-guided superpower joins with the pacifist, not at all imperialist-denying Japan to draw up plans to retake rocks in the ocean (that haven't been taken), this is also a supreme act of peace that cannot be interpreted as speeding up the drumbeat to war.

I'm sure I'm wrong, just jumping to faulty conclusions, armed as I am with only faulty, one-sided intel. But that's all I've got. That, and a horrible sense of déjà vu that comes over the amateur student of history every fin de siècle. I hope I'm wrong. I probably am, French was never my strong point. But I'm not certain enough not to start sitting up and taking notice. So, until my spider senses stop tingling, I'll be keeping a list of war drum links just to help the future me see clearly where it all went wrong.

War? That's unthinkable! That's what smart folk said in 1813. And 1913. And 2013.

China 'extremely concerned' about US-Japan island talk

North Korea threatens US Pacific bases over B-52 flights

Troubling Japanese denial of war crimes - Los Angeles Times

South Korea traces cyber-attacks to Chinese IP address


@Crank_Dub said...

Don't forget this one from yesterday (under the subhead of 'Politics/Diplomacy' ironically:

N. Korea issues air raid alert, orders military to take immediate actions

Our Man in Abiko said...

Yeah, can't wait till the higher ups start drills in Japan. Sigh.

Douglas Triggs said...

I'm no apologist for the country of my birth (not from any sense of morality as much as a sense of pragmatics: i.e., my opposition to invading Iraq stemmed from thinking it was a stupid idea, and my opposition to drone strikes mainly stems from thinking it's idiotically counterproductive. Interesting how the immoral thing to do is usually short-sighted and stupid, though that's another conversation).

But I've thought war is inevitable for a little while now, because I think two things: one, China as it is is inherently unstable. Revolution (of some sort, successful or not) is inevitable at some point, although I couldn't tell you when or precisely what it will look like. And not at all unrelated to that, if the Senkakus or Spratly Islands didn't exist, China would have to invent them. It doesn't really matter what any of the other countries in the region do (short of simply rolling over, which is politically impossible), because ultimately China (or enough of China, the PLAN in particular) isn't really interested in avoiding conflict.

The only silver lining I see is that maybe war would be good for the economy (although I suspect one long enough to matter would have to be terrible).

So I'm not feeling very optimistic, especially what with having family (by marriage) in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, and numerous friends in Taiwan and Japan.

Our Man in Abiko said...

Well DT, if it's any consolation, I'm usually wrong, the future being resistant to predictions, especially mine. My tactic is to make enough of them and one will bound to come true eventually.