Sunday, 3 March 2013


"Let's get a second pop at the cherry."
The editor stuck out his lower jaw and jabbed the air with his right hand.
That's how I remember the editorial meeting anyway. I don't now remember what story it was that The Derby Evening Telegraph was attempting to follow up and pop the cherry for a second time. The editor's speech was always very macho, sexual and so unlike that of the old ladies who formed our readership that it seems unreal now to think folk talked like that and inspired respect, or at least managed to command fear in the newsroom, which the hierarchy of newspaper news demanded.
I'm not even sure Derby still has a newsroom now, emasculated as the media biz has become by technology.
But that's probably for the best.
Why wait for the diktats of a bully to decide the news agenda when we all have eyes and ears and an internet connection? Laziness, I suppose is the answer, but I'll have none of that tonight.
See, tonight I had a second pop at my own cherry, if you like. A couple of days after the Japanese election in December I published Guts Pose as an ebook (like an ewok, but less profitable). But it's taken me until now to fix the typos, scan in the pencil sketches and turn the damn thing into a real ink and paper book. But I did it. And you can buy it from here. Or learn more about it from here. Or just carry on regardless. And whatever you do, wherever you click, or not, it's all good. Really.
Because just the knowledge that what I have pulled together in my spare time, armed with nothing more than an ageing computer and a streak of obstinacy, is beyond the abilities of my old boss.
He scares me no more.

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