Monday, 11 March 2013


There's much that can be said about 3/11, the second anniversary of the triple disaster. I'll add my two yen's worth if I get a chance later tonight. I tried to sum up something of what most folk feel and add a bit of gravitas without sounding like a sentimental old fool. And then I noticed I had four minutes to go before 2:46, the time the earthquake hit, and just rattled off these few words on the Quakebook site.

Building a consensus in times of peril is fairly straight-forward. It's when the imminent danger has passed, the memories of shared endeavour fade, that's the problem. When once we were all united, as time goes on we fracture into our familiar philosophical factions and then you don't know which path will lead you to the Emerald City, and which to a mess of flying monkeys. Although they helped Dorothy in the end, right? I forget.

Anyway, more of all that later.

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