Thursday, 20 December 2012


By now, I had hoped to be shooing the handful of human visitors to this site toward Amazon Kindle shops to form an orderly virtual queue and purchase the cleaned up first drafts of the 30-days that didn't shake the world, the Japan Election Diary notes that have been reincarnated as Guts Pose: Diary of a Japan election gone bad.

But I'm still waiting for the file to clear the Amazon servers to go on sale. It could happen at any moment. Or a few days from now. Like all great acts of God, natural disasters and longevity of Japanese Prime Minister, we just don't know. I hope it makes it to people's Kindles before the end of the world, er, tomorrow or before folk have lost all interest in the election (that happened before it began — ed).

So, I have resigned myself to the fate that Guts Pose is unlikely to be a Christmas No. 1, and at this rate, it'll be lucky to make it on the virtual shelves this year. Ho hum.

But I console myself that had I tried to publish Guts Pose with a legacy publisher, a) they wouldn't have touched it even with a pair of kitchen chopsticks and b) even if they had, I wouldn't hear back form them for at least a month, probably six.

So, the wait continues, but it should be a matter of hours, not days.

Check in here to see if it's landed, if you care. If not, a Merry Christmas to you anyway.

Carry on.

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