Wednesday, 7 November 2012


This ad resonates with folk in Ohio, the swingingest of the swing states. Full story here.

It's bad form for foreigners to comment on other nation's elections, and certainly bad form to lecture anyone on who they should or shouldn't vote for. So Our Man has, mostly, avoided that this time round.

But, to hell with good form. 

Our Man finds he is disenfranchised in his adopted homeland of Japan, unable to have a say in who makes decisions about what taxes he should pay, what his daughters get taught in school or which greasy pol is least likely to get the country into a war with his new neighbours. More on all that here.

And thanks to arcane rules about absentee voting in Blighty, he is effectively barred from voting there since ballots must be sent by post and received back at the constituency and counted before the deadline, all within one week.

So, what's a good silhouette to do? Our Man claims the right to at least offer his opinions on British politics, Japanese politics and, dammit, US politics too. He did live there for four years, his mother was Arkansan, he likes Jon Stewart and buys his books from, not, so he passes the threshold, just.

But in the interests of impartiality, let Our Man say this: if you want to vote for a man who wears magic underpants and believes Jesus will come back to, er, Missouri, go right ahead. If you want, instead, to vote for a man who believes it's not terrorism to kill women and children  in other countries by remote control, that's your choice.

It's the best democracy that money can buy, as they say.

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