Friday, 9 November 2012


Things change. Take the Stones. Our Man never would have thought he'd be so out of touch that he didn't know that they had a new song out. A couple actually. Or that he'd find out about it from an old mate he grew up with who is these days tweeting him about it from Dusseldorf of all places. Or that Our Man would be uploading the video here and probably being satisfied not to buy the album.

Things stay the same. Our Man still listens to the Stones on occasion. He still hunches up his shoulders and grimaces like he's bitten into lemon every time he hears a Keith riff. And while he doesn't tape them off the radio and swap with his mates anymore, he still favourites the good shit on YouTube and is happy to share with his virtual mates online.

Our Man could link to all the fun clips of Fox News imploding as their world of bullshit against Obama falls on their heads, or he could link to Obama doing the old "Romney's my best buddy, can't wait to work together again" bollocks, but the 7-11 wine is reaching cerebral cortexes he didn't even knew he had  and it's time to admit: if you haven't already seen all that stuff on twitter or facebook then you prolly ain't interested to see Our Man rehash it here.

All Our Man can offer are these piss-poor posts and a couple of essays that he actually put some effort into, and even wrote in first person, perish the thought. Oh, and the point of this post: he is, between suspended fourth chords, working on a small collection of essays he hopes to have out before Christmas provisionally titled "Last Tango in Tokyo." You have been warned.

Carry on.

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