Friday, 26 October 2012


A few hours ago, Shintaro Ishihara announced an October surprise worthy of The Trump, that he was quitting his window seat at Tokyo city hall to run for Parliament. Go ahead laugh that an Octogenarian could have ambitions to become leader of this great nation. At 80-years-young, Shin-chan has still much to offer. He may not have all his own teeth, or marbles, but he does have his own party. And we can cry if we want to.

Consider his diplomatic prowess with China, his ability to deny the rape of Nanking (must have been God's will, eh Shin?) and, er, ability to get elected despite it all.

What an inspiration.

Need any English teachers in England? Asking for a friend.

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@Crank_Dub said...

Why wouldn't you elect a man to an important post when he left his last (elected) important post on a whim. It's just what Japan needs - stability.

(And, yes, England really does need English teachers. Innit?)