Sunday, 28 October 2012


Time to dust off the old running shoes and this old video from a few years back now... because tomorrow Our Man may die. That is, he is going to attempt, despite pitifully little training this year, to run the annual half-marathon. His best time, clocked last year, was just under 2 hours for the 21 and a bit kilometres. This year, he might not bother timing himself. But he will finish dammit.

He's not doing it for charity this year, figuring in these pre-Christmas and post-Savile days, the pleas for cash will fall on deaf ears. But, in lieu of flowers on his grave, please consider donating a couple of yen at the side of the blog here so we're not too out of pocket helping a couple of teenagers from Tohoku who lost their Dads to the tsunami have a good Christmas.

Anyway, I may try live-tweeting the race this time, synchronise watches for 10am Central Abiko Standard Time.

Oh yeah. This is Our Man's cover disguise for tomorrow...

Gotta go. Just enough time for that pre-race nightcap Guinness. Vitamins and stuff, yeah?

Carry on.

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Armchair Asia said...


Us Yanks are rooting for you here in the colonies.