Wednesday, 3 October 2012



Before you go read another word on this here blog, know this: Our Man is further left than Gandhi and further south than Ron Paul. Our Man has the numbers to prove it. Just thought you should know. This might cloud Our Man's judgement and yours, but forewarned is better than four-eyed, as they say.

Anyway, if you'd like to compare yourself to Our Man, go right ahead right here, they do ask six pages of questions, and only a few are thinly veiled "So, are you committed to the public ownership of the means of production or what you commie bastard?" but the purpose of the exercise is to make clear the whole left/right thing is sooooo over. Because there's an up/down dynamic too.

Our Man had always thought of politics as more of a doughnut where the extreme left and extreme right are indistinguishable, but maybe that's because the glazing had melted in the microwave. Either way, We the People are definitely the hole in the middle.

You can't have your doughnut and eat it.

Carry on.

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Craig Scanlan said...

Wow, I'm nearly spot on with the Dalai Lama.....