Thursday, 13 September 2012


It would be comically surreal if some really decent people hadn't been killed by the mob over such a shitty video. Our Man hasn't watched it all the way through, it was turgid beyond belief. Go on check it out for yourself, a 13 minute excerpt is here. Dare you to make it as far as that screen grab.

The whole thing is predictably shitty. The shitty acting, the shitty dialogue, the shitty direction, the shitty intention behind the video, the shitty, predictable reactions to the whole thing. And want to know what's really shitty? Our Man has to go to bat for this piece of crap as an expression of free speech. Look, it's a piece of incendiary crap, but how many of the screaming mob actually saw it, or just decided to go out and vent at the nearest American target?

Our Man has no inside intel to offer and he never discusses any matters of intelligence on this blog, you know the drill, but...

If your omnipotent God (talking to all you monotheists out there) is so thin-skinned that this piece of crap merits the death of, by all accounts, a decent bloke, and in pre-terror days, possibly elicit a declaration of war, then, well, Our Man can only suggest you find another imaginary friend to follow who's a good deal less touchy.

But as shitty as this video is, and as silly as all religions are, we really can't have folks killing ambassadors over it. And Our Man doesn't really think it was anything other than a pretext for the anti-American mob. The only other pretext could be to promote "pastor" Terry Jones' hate-filled agenda under the fig leaf of free speech.

Our Man finds it hard to see any qualitative difference between Terry Jones and Osama Bin Laden. Or put it this way, Jones is doing Bin Laden's bidding.

Such is the state of Our Man's addled mind. Can some sane, rational adults please find a way to keep the crazies in check?

Carry on.


hardkoretom said...

This is all a farce like usual. People were looking for some reason to start some crap and this was the easiest way. How many people in the third world have even seen the video? I would imagine not too many since I myself found it too big of a waste of time to watch myself.

Our Man in Abiko said...

I think it's now been banned, so that should assure its lasting popularity.