Saturday, 15 September 2012


What with the Middle East in flames and Japan vowing to ditch nukes by 2030, or until the political climate changes, Our Man dropped the ball on the other massive story, the Hillsborough findings. If you have no clue what that is all about, you could do no worse than checking in with Agent Jo over at Ten Minutes Hate who has an excellent summary of what it's all about, from the Scouse perspective. She promises she'll have more to say once she's made it through the whole report.

Our Man's interest in the story, apart from enjoying watching the establishment squirm, is in seeing the truth about the cancer that is Rupert Murdoch'S form of journalism being exposed. Of course, brothers and sisters, the apologists are out in force, their arguments are along the lines that:
  1. We knew no better at the time
  2. It was just a rogue editor
  3. You can't blame the current Murdoch minions, it was such a long time ago.
  4. Besides, there are worse papers now, such as the Daily Mail and The Telegraph and The Star
To which Our Man responds:
  1. Anyone who bothered to check at the time would have known what we know now.
  2. Just a rogue editor. Just rogue reporters. Just a rogue chairman of the board. Just a rogue senior copper or two. Hmmm. How many does rogues does it take to become a perversion of justice? How many perversions until it's a conspiracy?
  3. Any journo who willingly took the Murdoch dollar since the 1980s did so leaving their morality at the door. Any journo who claims they didn't know (or likely didn't care) ain't much of a journo in Our Man's estimation.
  4. No doubt. But two wrongs don't make a right and all that.
Our Man isn't advocating a lynching of the tabloid journo or any hate mob fired up on righteous indignation. Just a fair appraisal of who the real villains are in this piece. And Billy Bragg has it pretty much spot on:

International executives
They hang their heads in shame 
And tell us with their hands on hearts 
The paper boy's to blame 
But everyone who loves that kiss-and-tell
You must share the blame as well

Carry on.

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