Monday, 3 September 2012


As Our Man types this little note, Our Woman is feverishly sewing the last stitches in a bag for Our Littlest One's earthquake protection hat (see pic here) that all elementary school kids are issued with, but hopefully will never need. Again.

And it's back to school for Our Man. The sweatfest of August is history, and he can get on with the important stuff. Like, er, well lots of stuff. He's got an outline of his next essay. It's about Tokyo Disneyland. Well, it's ostensibly about the place, but it's more about North Korea; the crossovers between capitalism and communism; and the nature of slavery. Something for everyone. Er, that is, it's a small world after all, eh readers?

And Our Man should really get back into following what's going on over here politically. There are a couple of things that have finally got through his thick skull:

  1. The Japanese government is less a ship of state than a fibre-glass swan paddle boat adrift in the Abikan inland sea.
  2. And the opposition is no better.
  3. Where does that leave Japan?
  4. When the Yomiuri Shimbun drops the opposition Liberal Democratic Party to go courting Hashimoto, the "charismatic" "unaligned" "populist" "nutjob", and you can actually see why...
  5. ... then you know we are in trouble.
Our Man humbly suggests we all ought to sit up and make sure our papers are in order. Shisaku has an excellent post about the rise of Hashimoto -- yes H-san is a Comfort Women Denier. See also this excellent piece about Hashimoto by Spike Japan, rapidly becoming Our Man's favourite essayist. Well, of essayists who are still alive at least. Speaking of which, it's about time that Armchair Asia rose from the dead and weighed in too, the political dialogue here has veered, no doubt much to her dismay, into her territory. 

Abiko expects.

Well, you have your orders, what are you waiting for? Carry on.

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