Thursday, 16 August 2012


Our Man is back in the bunker and first item in the overflowing in-box is this rather good documentary from last year that Our Man was lucky enough to be featured in. Matt Schley did a lovely job of pulling this all together a month or so after the quake and just released it for public consumption last week.

Things have changed of course since the movie was shot and Herr Schley was good enough to do a postscript interview in which Our Man was given free rein to say what he thought now that a decent chunk of time has passed. Our Man would only add to THAT INTERVIEW that he is not nearly as critical of the foreign media as the documentary might make him appear.

Our Man would rather err on the side of sensationalism than suck up a bucket of government propaganda any day.

Anyway, make of it all what you will. Carry on.

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