Thursday, 30 August 2012


There's another Olympics thing going on, only this time it looks a lot more worthwhile (if you click on the link here you can watch a really moving video promoting the Paralympics that the pic is lifted from).  Our Man watched the explosions and thought about the limbs being blown off and wondered: do disfigured Afghani civilians get to compete against maimed NATO troops? Because that would sure as hell be some powerful healing-the-differences-that-divide-us-through-sport shit.

Or is this just another chance to tot up how many medals our nation gets against others? Our Man hopes that all the struggles the Paralympians have gone through cement a sense of unity rather than national division. Not being in Blighty he has no reliable way of reading the local mood, but he hopes it won't become another exercise in flag waving, as the bunting on the athletes' shirts implies.

Carry on.


RMilner said...

Writing from the UK, I see a lot of news about the medal haul every day. So, yes, it is a bit of a Rah Rah event.

At the same time, there is definite a feeling that highlighting the achievements of the athletes is making a difference to the way that people see disability. It has made me think about it.

Our Man in Abiko said...

Fair enough. I was particularly happy to see George Osbourne get booed by a stadium of people. A golden moment, if ever there was one.

Thanks for the intel, Agent Rah Rah.