Sunday, 29 July 2012


Things that happened to Our Man today.
  1. He had to talk knowledgeably about the Olympics for one hour and ten minutes (Oh, so now you think you can run for Pres? - ed.)
  2. To celebrate this gold medal of an achievement, Our Man ordered a mixed pizza, a Caesar salad and a draught beer from his local Gasto - think Little Chef  (if you are familiar with the ways they try to kill you in Britain).
  3. Our Man is desperately trying to find meaning in this stream of consciousness, but if he doesn't make it at least he has avoided watching Japanese muscly teens falling on gym mats that is keeping Our Woman, if not engrossed, then awake between scouring the twitter for signs of intelligent life.
  4. It may be that the Olympics will provide some meaning to this post, but beyond the hype of the opening ceremony, which Our Man missed, he has little to say. That is, if you enjoy the Olympics, it would be churlish of him to criticise. Other than everything about it. 
  5. Sure, Our Man thinks the Olympics are fascism lite, but they are at least in a recognisable place to him -- London -- even if the font is messed up. And he would like the old homeland to acquit itself well on the world stage.
  6. But that doesn't mean he has to watch it.
  7. Our Man did find himself savouring the reposte from David Cameron of all people to Mitt Romney's kak-handed slagging of London's Olympic preparations: "We are holding an Olympic Games in one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities in the world. Of course it's easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere." Touche, Mormon-boy. 
  8. See what nationalism does?
  9. But Our Man will refrain from overslagging Romney because who enjoys snotty-nosed foreigners getting the wrong end of the stick and coming off as out of touch?
  10. Certainly not Our Man.*
Oh, and if you only watch one Olympic vid this summer, make sure it's this one. Genuinely moving, and gave Our Man pause in his usually steady flow of cynicism.

Carry on.

*Thinking you know more than the locals is a dangerous thing. As amusing as the video is from Our Brothers and Sisters at the Guardian, remember when the paper decided to try to influence the 2004 US elections by getting a bunch of smug British champagne socialist readers to lecture folks in swing US races on why they shouldn't vote Republican? Yep. You can imagine how successful that was.

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Dan Ryan said...

In Soviet Russia, Mitt Romney slag you. Roll with it.