Thursday, 26 July 2012


Just a few notes from Our Man's blotter you might be interested in...
  • Our Man has yet to see a penny from all his publishing activities, and when he does they will be less in the order of a tea and scones at the Ritz than a trip to McDonald's, but still...
  • Doing the self-publishing thing is more fun than you could shake a stick at. That is, if you share the same definition of fun as Our Man: working into the wee hours on a pet project that few others can see the point of, challenging yourself, getting over your fear of making an ass of yourself in public, trying things that work, trying things that don't, creating a book you are proud of, creating one you know is not perfect, but is the best you can do at the time, making the odd enemy, making the odd friend. 
  • And picking up the odd review. Like this one here from Nictos, who could be described as the sempai, or at least the odd friend Our Man has never met. Something he must rectify before long.
  • Our Man is learning the self-publishing biz as he goes by trial and error. He's getting the hang of the mechanics of formatting a book, what copy flow to follow and what more he needs to learn.
  • And there is much he still must learn, which he will--no doubt the hard way.
  • But right now, he's just concentrating on getting more writing fit for human consumption. Other projects include two or three more posts from this blog that Our Man reckons would make good 99-cent essays on Amazon; the sequel to Hana Walker's Half-Life; and a collaborative book with Our Woman in Abiko for the Japanese market. Kindle is coming to Japan soon, you know, and Kobo is already here...
And no, Our Man didn't make the Man Booker longlist this year again. There's always next year.

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