Thursday, 28 June 2012


Realising a dream is an odd sensation. Liberating and frustrating in equal measure. Or as Our Man prefers to think of it in memo form:

Removed monkey from back, now gotta find new monkey. 

Our Man has lived with the novel-writing primate for several years, and to be suddenly free of him leaves Our Man at a loss. He's filled that time with doing PR stuff and generally goofing off, and it's time to say enough of that. He's coming round to the view that the best PR is to just keep writing good stuff, build an audience one reader at a time. A radical idea, for sure. And one Our Man feels most comfortable with.

Will Hana do battle with the forces of evil again? Of course. But first, Our Man has a couple of ebook shorts he wants shot of before he's ready to grapple with another Hana Walker manuscript.

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