Thursday, 21 June 2012


My fellow Abikans,

Four score and ten minutes ago, Our Man came to a decision about what to do about PR gurus, publicity-seekers and assorted internet trolls. His natural reaction, and indeed any right-thinking Abikan's, is to ignore the haters; to take the higher ground; to correctly use semi-colons; and speak no ill of the complete time-wasting tossers.

But when the trolls of this world (see the garish welcome to Abiko PDFs left anonymously at Dan Ryan's email inbox above, free PDF downloads available) attack the reputation of one of Our Man's friends, a girl no less, he cannot stand idly by and let the outrageous slings of fortune sling unfortunately.

What, you may ask, is our Man on about? What indeed. The so-called PDF arrived this morning in the so-called bunker (with an advert for Uri Geller's so-called lucky bracelets).

Our Man could refute each accusation against the character of Hana Walker, thrust unceremoniously into the limelight of international publishing with the release of her Half-Life 2:46 book available at all good Amazon stores priced at $3.99 around this cruel interconnected, internationalized but increasingly easy to monetize world, but what would be the point?

Yes, Brent. There are far too many people on the internet with far too much time on their hands. But together, we may go hand-in-hand (if you wash them first) to the higher ground. 

And thank you, Durf. That kind of wholehearted self-less, self-sacrifice for the greater good will not be forgotten, certainly not in the true Greater Abiko Co-Prosperity shpere.

Is Hana Walker's Half-Life 2:46 a work of fiction? A good question. A better question would be: is it true? And the best question of all would be: Is the book any bloody good?

The answer, my fellow Abikans, agents provocateur, boys and girls, is yes.



@Crank_Dub said...

Congratulations on the publication of your book. I think back to your earlier plan for it and conclude that that was the longest month since the siege of Stalingrad!

Our Man in Abiko said...

Yes, was so sure it would be over by Christmas... but Our Man is happy with it. It's the best a silhouette could do.