Saturday, 16 June 2012


The new cover for Hana Walker's Half-Life 2:46 is done. It's the (at present) unlinked pic on the top left of this here blog. If you'd like a link, you could click HERE and gain some valuable insight into the making of the cover (hint: it involves felt-tip pens).

By the way, Our Man had commissioned the excellent MARI KURISATO to design the cover, whom he would not hesitate to recommend, and she did design a stunning, professional cover worthy of a New York publishing house (and Our Man's silhouette Twitter avatar, as it happens), but Our Man changed his mind purely because he wanted to do the cover himself. That may turn out to be a pig-headed, misguided and commercially naive decision, but it's like this:

Our Man is not ashamed of self-publishing his book. In fact, he wouldn't have it any other way. He doesn't want to look, er, professional. He can't explain how he wants to look, so he just did it himself. Because...

This ain't New York. This is Abiko. Deal with it.

(BTW, the video was included because it was funny, as recommended by @BILL(Y) on twitter, and Our Man was going to work the word "awesome" in to this post to make the video relevant to the bit at the end of the routine about the word "awesome", but Our Man frankly could not be bothered, although it would probably have been less work than explaining his thinking here. Sometimes even Our Man does not understand the decisions he makes. Or agree with them.)

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