Friday, 15 June 2012


Our Man started toying with writing a novel a few years ago. OK, a good few years ago. OK, OK, many, many years ago in college, he toyed with writing a novel. But he put away such childish things and got on with more pressing matters of edumacation like learning an Open G tuning on his guitar (that's the only G spot Our Man had any success at finding - ed.) and, you know, living life.

But Our Man was lucky to spend his career messing around with words. First as an obituary writer for the Log Cabin Democrat in Conway, Arkansas, then he was allowed free rain (rein? - ed.) on the weather reports and before you knew it he had what folks who make more than minimum wage call "a career". The rest of us call it a job. The long and the short of Our Man's jobbing career can be found here.

Thirteen years of writing, editing and consuming news copy later... Our Man still hadn't written a novel. Or made much more than minimum wage. Or progressed any further than Honkey Tonk Women on the guitar.

And then the newspaper business died. Our Man found himself staring at the abyss and, if he's honest, was relieved. Relieved that the bullshit of journalese, AP stylebooks, smart arse intros and stories that get progressively duller so they can be easily cut to fit around the ads, with opinions so asinine, so subverted, so mainstream (so what? - ed) So that it was sooooo time to say to Hell With All That. But what' else is there?

Oh yeah, the novel.

So, as far as Our Man is concerned, you need three things to write a good novel.

1. Something worth saying.
2. An ability to say it.
3. And something else.

Well, here's the scoop.

Our Man has been labouring away since before the earthquake on a book that has a tale worth telling; is written to the best of his ability with minimal reference to an AP stylebook and, dammit, there's an intangible something else about the book.

Is it  masterpiece? A Catch 22 for the post earthquake generation?

Of course bloody not. Have you been drinking as much 7-Eleven Chile wine as Our Man? But, the book is the absolute best Our Man can write at this time. He can do no more.

Anyway, the point of this post? The point is:

Hana Walker's Half-Life 2:46 

will be available on Amazon from Thursday, June 21st, 2012...

... just as long as Our Man has finished scribbling the cover and formatting the book in pesky HTML code. More details to follow...

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