Monday, 25 June 2012


Apologies for going on and on about Hana Walker's Half-Life 2:46, but, as you know, this writing a book lark has been a hell of a monkey on Our Man's back so please forgive him if he spends a couple more posts blowing his own trumpet (nobody else is gonna blow it, certainly not those monkeys - ed).

Fortunately, Our Man is a silhouette, otherwise he would blush as red as Hana's felt-tipped front cover when he thinks how shameless he has been in pursuing coverage of his pet project. When it's for others,  for folk who genuinely suffered, as in Quakebook, or, in the case of Reconstructing 3/11 for his fellow writers (they genuinely suffered your editing - ed.) Our Man had no problem being shameless in the pursuit of hits.

But Our Man messed up this time round. He put a link on the Quakebook twitter feed thinking Hana's tale would be of interest to folk who bought Quakebook (although stressing her book was a personal project, with personal gain, not for charity) and he should have listened to his own conscience and not done it. He was rightly taken to task for besmirching Quakebook's good name, and he immediately removed the link from the feed. Our Man genuinely regrets the slip in judgment. What can he say? He got wrapped up in the retweet frenzy and lost sight of the only thing that really matters in all of this -- integrity (yeah, do like the pros do when writing for other publications - you are supposed to not mention the whole reason you are writing and wrap yourself in the flag of the greater good, then insist on a merely biographical link to your latest hardback doorstopper overprced at $19.99 -- that's called integrity - ed.) 

So, Our Man messed up. He's sorry about that. He won't do that again.

He vows to find entirely new ways to mess up. Like the letter to Granta above. Which, despite failing even from the stage of conception (at the bottom of a bottle of 7-Eleven red), actually delivered a really generous reply from Ellah, proving the truth of Our Man's new motto...

When failing, it's important to fail successfully.

Meanwhile, Our Man is quietly optimistic Dan Ryan will surprise us all and knock the PR ball outta the park. (Let's hope he knocks out those pesky monkeys, eh? - ed.)

Carry on.

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