Wednesday, 20 June 2012


So this is it. Our Man has sent off the completed ebook file of Hana Walker's Half-Life 2:46 to Amazon and it's just a matter of hours, or probably minutes, until the book hits the virtual shelves in America and Europe. Though thanks to the internet you can buy a copy wherever you are from the Abiko Free Press bookstore RIGHT HERE.

Is it a page-turner? Did Our Man make the right call on the balance of sublime vs ridiculous? Did he do Hana's voice justice? Did he edit it well enough? Listen to the right advice? Shun the wrong?

He doesn't know. But he does know this: It's the best he could write at this time. Hemingway said something along the lines of self-doubt was the artist's reward. But he went and shot himself and Our Man has no intention to do that, so really, maybe his advice kinda sucked. And besides, Our Man is no artist (yeah, we all saw the cover - ed.)

But this is the straight-up truth: Our Man put his all into those 50,000 words, and for any faults the book may have, it's still worth a read. Does the book work? You be the judge -- the first couple of chapters are free on Amazon. Go ahead, have a nosey round.

And should you buy a copy and want to write a review on Amazon, Our Man will be most grateful, even if you think it sucks. But know this: if you should get as far as "whale in a can" -- that bit is not a formatting mistake. It's supposed to be like that.

Carry on!

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