Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Our Man finally got round to updating his Linked-In profile. It now contains no out and out lies, although claiming a skill in Public Relations may be pushing it just a bit.*

Why bother? Why indeed. Our Man is too old and unsuccessful to be a Yuppie, and he has no intention of looking for another job, but he notices folk keep wanting to friend him (presumably it's called something more thrusting on Linked-In, maybe "acquaintancing" or some such). But you never know if his publishing lark takes off and then serious, non-Twitter people, who say things like "win-win situation"** might want to, er, win-win with him.

Anyway, it's not Our Man's place to tell folk how to contact him, but if Linked-In is your thing, Our Man is RIGHT THERE ON LINKED-IN. Do stop by and, er, compare business models?

* Also, GACOPS - the Greater Abiko Co-Prosperity Sphere is not strictly speaking a professional association, more a state of mind.
** Our Man once said "win-win situation" in an interview about QUAKEBOOK and had the piss mercilessly, and deservedly, taken out of him by his fellow Quakebookers.

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